psnstuff 3.03.01

3.03.01 Update:
Change row name PSOne to PS1
Removed image displaying for now
Changed db format to use the same one as Q_PSN an psndl (same as old psnstuff without image link)
Changed local database name from db to database
Removed image submiting as it is not used anyway
Changed download folder from “pkg” to “downloads”
Display full path of downloaded contents
Download at

3.03.00 Update:
Fixed a few bugs
New validation method for PKG
Added a tool to create C00 type EDATs, you just need to enter Content ID. Get it from SFO file in PKG’s C00 directory.
Thanks to Yutolio for many submits.


3.02.01 Update:
Fixed a little problem while submiting data
Allow user to send RAP only
Download at

3.02 Update:
Rewritten the app to work with .NET Framework 4.0 allowing XP user to use it
New tab rif2rap
app rif2rap.exe included
Simply provide an act.dat (exdata), a binary IDPS file (16 bytes) and your RIFs (exdata) directory to generate all your RAPs
Removed database compression
Big database cleanup
Removed duplicate entries
Removed a few bad raps (duplicate)
Removed a few bad links (duplicate)
Added comment on a few entries (like *warning: bad link*)
New content added

Initial Release
Modded by Slimshady451
Chat removed
Works again using Q_PSN servers.

rif2rap 이 새로 추가되었네요~~

정보창고에 꽤 많은 정보가 쌓였나보군요

최근 바이오하자드 리마스터 릴도 보이고 rap파일도 보이군요

다운은 위에 적혀있지만 다시 적어요 여기를 누르세요

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