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– PlayStation 3 – The game console that brought us all here, also abbreviated as PS3.
– Cell – Also known as Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and abbreviated CBEA or Cell BE, this is the processing brain of the PS3.
– SPU – Synergistic Processing Unit.
– PPE – Power Processing Element, the PS3 has one of these, which contains 8 SPE’s.
– SPE – Synergistic Processing Elements.
– RSX – Also called Reality Synthesizer, this is the Graphical heart of all PS3′s.
– Emotion Engine – Also known as EE, this was the Graphical heart of all PS2′s and was in the first rleased US/Japanese PS3′s(20GB/60GB) and later removed due to cost cutting and replaced by Software Emulation.
– CEX – This is a retail machine. (CECH’S)
– DEX – This is a Debug machine.(DECH’S)
– SEX – This is a shop/demo machine.
– PS3UPDAT.PUP – This is the firmware file, that you use to update your console.
– PUP – Playstation Update Package.
– PKG – This is a package file, it is used to install games or software/homebrew.
 NAND/NOR – The PS3′s flash
– SKU – Stock Keeping Unit.
– CFW – Custom Firmware.
– MFW – Mod Firmware.
– SDK – Software Development Kit.
– Disc.sfo – File to prevent you have inserted the disc of the game you have installed from it.
– Param.sfo – File who contains settings/parameters around/about the game such xmb in game, remote play, resolution, fw min game should use, region deny…
– Param.hip/his – display the changelog of the game/homebrew from xmb.
– Param.pfd – File used for secure the ps3 save data.
– Ps3 disc sfo – File used for activate subfolder of the game such update, extra, theme, videos and others.
– RCO – file that contains icons, text and sound that appear’s on xmb but can not be modify from theme.
– P3T – file format for theme. Can be dynamic and/or with differents backgrounds. You can create your own theme on any fw.
– Remote Play – PSP, PSVITA, PC or phone used as sound/video monitor and controller for PS3 through internet connection on any FW. For less restriction from the official setting, you will need to use patch for PC or edit the SFO of the game or homebrew. Differents resolutions are available according to the FW but not all the games can function through this mode.
– VMC – Virtual Memory Card – This is used for PS2 saves on the PS3.
– VME – Virtual Memory Card Export.
– PSN – PlayStation Network.
– SEN – Sony Entertaint Network.
– PlayStation Plus/PS+ – This is a premium service for PSN, it gives subscribers free games, discounts on games and early access to betas.
– PSL1GHT – Open Source Version of Sony PS3 SDK.
– XMB – Xross Media Bar – the OS or Software on PSX, PSP and PS3, also present on some other Sony Products.
– eBoot – This file is present in all PS3 games, it contains various information, during the 3.55MFW/CFW days, patches would have been released for eBoots signed with newer Keys/SDK, so that they could be playable on 3.55.
– SELF – Secure ELF.
– ELF – ELF means Executable and Linkable Format, this type of file is present in or used on PSP, PS2 and PS3.
– lv0ldr – Level 0 Loader aka Boot Loader aka bootldr.
– lv0 – Level 0.
– lv1.self – Level 1 Secure ELF.
– Cinavia – A syetem implimented in Official Firmware 3.10, this was an effort to stop PS3 owners playing Pirated/Backed Up movies, those on MFW/CFW can install a Homebrew App to bypass this.
– IDPS – ID Per System (Thanks Kamel and zecoxao).
– Sixaxis – This was the first control pad released with the PS3, it was missing the Rumble Fucntion, they had to remove the Rumble Function due to loosing a lwasuit with Immersion.
– DualShock 3 – Sony later released this PS3 Control pad, that has the Rumble Function, they were able to implemet Rumble when they settled with Immersion.
– ISO – Also known as ISO Image, this is like a RAR file which combines the contents of a Disc(CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) into a single file, used on CFW PS3′s for PS1/PS2/PSP and PS3 Games.
– RLOD – Red Light Of Death.
– YLOD – Yellow Light Of Death.
– RSOD – Red Screen Of Death.


출처: http://www.ps3hax.net/2013/04/ps3-glossary-helpful-information/

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